Indrek Halliste appointed as chairman of management board of Hansabuss group

Halliste has previously worked for the Estonian Agricultural Board and the Veterinary and Food Board. He was the director of the Agricultural Board from 2013-2016 and has been the head of the Veterinary and Food Board since spring 2016. He has been a member of the Estonian Lawyers Union since 2006 and is a certified coach.

According to Neeme Tammis, the chairman of the supervisory board of Hansabuss, the group of companies had been searching for a new CEO for almost four months. “We didn’t organise an open competition,” he explained, “but we did speak to a lot of first-rate managers. In the end it was Indrek who signed on the dotted line, and we’re really pleased he’s decided to join us.” Kalmar Meidla, who has been serving as interim CEO of Hansabuss for the last six months, will retain his place on the management board of the group. “Kalmar is a bus transport person through and through,” Tammis remarked, “one of the pillars of our team.”

According to Halliste, the deciding factor in accepting the post was his desire to make something of himself in the private sector. “I started out in my career in the private sector,” he said. “After that, I held positions in state agencies for quite a long time. The way I see it, if managers take responsibility in both the public and private sectors, not only do the managers themselves benefit, but society as a whole as well. The Hansabuss group is a remarkable group of companies that was built up from scratch. Its owner has a clear vision and expectations of the further development of the group. I hope to make my own contribution to realising the ambitious plans they have.” Halliste has held a range of positions in the Veterinary and Food Board and the Agricultural Board since 2002.

Hansabuss forms part of the Hansa Group, which is one of the largest Estonian-owned groups in the Baltic States operating in the field of bus transport, car hire and the sale and services of commercial vehicles. It includes 16 companies employing a total of 700 people.

For further information please contact:

Neeme Tammis

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Hansabuss

Mobile: +372 50 34 828