Hansabuss is a safe and reliable partner in arranging charter bus service!

Hansabuss is devoted to provide a safe and worry-free service.

Our cooperation partner GPN (Global Passenger Network), where we have a unique membership in Estonia, awarded us a safe charter certificate. This is an important recognition for us.

GPN brings together bus companies from 31 countries, which are considered to be the quality leaders in the service provided in their country, moving a total of nearly 17,000 buses a year. The main benefits of this association are the provision of quality transport to members outside their own country and, where necessary, the provision of emergency assistance and alternative transport to ensure that customers’ journeys run smoothly.

  • We are especially proud that the vaccination rate of Hansabuss charter bus drivers is 95%.
  • We place great emphasis on the protection of passengers and bus drivers.
  • In addition to frequent internal cleaning, the availability of toiletries on our buses is also guaranteed.
  • Our bus drivers are diligent, helpful and committed.
  • Bus drivers wear a mask and, if necessary, provide also to customers.
  • The ordering process, including cancellation, is flexible for us.
  • Should we fail to deliver on our promises, we will refund you!

We stay healthy and drive safely!